What I do

I specialise in natural light photography, taking a calm and relaxed approach to photographing portraits. I capture individuals being themselves, displaying their inner most secrets and thoughts, a vulnerability only visible through the eye of the lense.

When photographing food, I focus on incorporating all the senses, you must be able to feel it, smell it, taste it, just by looking at the photo.  The idea is to capture the imagination of the viewer and to produce a close to real life experience.

I love traveling, especially exploring and discovering the unique culture and history that influences the way of life of a litlle village or rural, undiscovered hideaways.  Being able to share in the tradition of food, family and faith – sharing the moments that write the stories passed on from generation to generation.

In essence, my life’s purpose is to capture a moment in time – bringing to life the untouchable and awakening the imagination – an unguarded moment!

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How I do it

My photography is location-based, meaning I come to you.  Shoots are customised according to your needs, incorporating all elements required to produce a quality product such as colour, light, background, etc.

Food and styling photography are done at business premises. This enables me to develop an understanding of your business focus and direction as well as to gain first hand experience of the corporate identity that you have created and would like to promote.  These shoots are customised according to your business needs to ensure we capture the essential parts of your product to best reach your target market.

Talk to me so we can discuss your perfect package!

Where I live

I have been fortunate to call Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, my home for the last few years.  I have had so many amazing photo opportunities in this country not only due to its vast differing landscapes but also the wonderful people who has embraced us as part of their world.

I have been able to travel to various countries such as Namibia, India, Nepal, etc and have realised that there are very little experiences in life that is as rewarding as capturing the life, love and beauty of a country and its people.


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