MasterChef – Oman!

Recently, a well-known concept was introduced to the Muscat culinary scene, the first privately owned culinary school opened in Muscat – MasterChef Institute of Culinary Arts.   I had the good fortune to join them for my very own MasterChef experience in Oman.


Chef Ali Abusbeih

I have been following the MasterChef series avidly on television so I was very excited to join a Master Class at the MasterChef Institute in Muscat.

The theme of the day was Pistachio Infusion with several dishes all containing pistachio nuts.

Pistachio Cake, Pistachio Kunafa, Pistachio Milk Cake and Pistachio Basbousa Cupcakes were on the menu while I have heard of all the dishes before prepearing it was unfamiliar to me so I was very eager to learn all about the preparation of each of them.

When I arrived the kitchen was all prepped up and ready for MasterChef action.

Chef Ali Abusbeih and his team were very helpful and soon had me kitted out in an apron and chef’s hat, ready to start the morning’s Master Class.




First of all, was the Pistachio Milk Cake.  This amazing cake contains ingredients like Pistachio paste, Condensed Milk, Whipped Cream and Rose water. With ovens pre-heated, lined baking pans, sifted flour, blended eggs and sugar and finally mixing the cake batter, the MasterChefs were on a roll.

All the sweet tooths out there will eat this and think they have gone to heaven.

It is just sooo….. good!

The batter ready for panning.

Into the oven with the batter…









Just to wet your appetite, take a peek at the final products below filled with pistachio, coconut, rose water, pistachio paste with a hint of marzipan and dried rose petals.


Pistachio Cake


Pistachio Basbousa Cupcakes








Pistacio Kunafa

We completed these four beautiful, tasty Pistachio Infusion treats in four hours.  The time flew by and I was sad to leave the MasterChef experience behind.  We had such a good morning and I am looking forward to the next MasterClass. I left with all the recipes in hand and I am ready to treat my friends to an Arabic cake morning.

Check out the MasterChef schedule and attend the MasterChef classes, it is truely worth the visit.

You can find MasterChef Oman on Facebook or email them for more information.

Aroma – the Italian taste

I just have to tell you about the latest addition to the Muscat Restaurant scene.

Yes, Aroma is the name and it is officially open since the beginning of July. When you go into the restaurant it reminds you of the Colosseum, Rome and Italy.



The Italian owners Ciro, Anna, Maria and co-owner Naif, all work in the restaurant and with their fabulous Italian chef, Fabio Amodeo, from Rome.  Fabio understands the love of food and he goes about it with so much passion.  I had the privilege to spend an early morning with him. Showing me a few of the sweeter Italian delights they prepare in this well organized open kitchen.  The hustle and bustle of early morning preparation and the smell of yeast hanging in the air was just amazing.

I am sharing just a sneak peak of a few of the decadent menu items that you absolutely have to experience.

Double chocolate cake…

prepared with so much attention to detail…



Then there is the Symphony!


You can also indulge in…



…a Frappe with a cup of Aroma coffee.  

Believe me, I am a coffee snob and this is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted.

And just as I thought it can’t get any better,  Fabio started making this beautiful coloured plate of fruit with “Crèma”.



Well,  need I say more?  Go and visit Aroma, the Italian taste at Al Muzn Mall, Street no.72, Mawalih North.

I haven’t even got to the starters, the pastas, the salads, the pizzas or the main courses, yet!

I promise to keep you posted, in the mean time, treat yourself to this Italian experience, it is well worth it.